Go Behind The Scenes Of The ‘Futurama’ Season Premiere

Good news, everyone! Yes…I have to start off every Futurama story with that exclamation. Why? Because we’re only hours away from season premiere of Futurama on Comedy Central. It’s been a tough battle since the days of Fox, but the show creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen fought hard, made a few DVD movies, and are now back on the air with a full season.

There are plenty of questions that we fans expect to get answered in upcoming episodes, like what happened to the Fry and Leela love story, or Bender’s foree in the League of Robots. Luckily, Comedy Central has put together a special Q&A with Cohen and Groening to answer a few of these questions before the one-hour premiere.

Take a look at the interview after the jump, as the two discuss topics like Fry’s middle name, and what ever happened to Kiff and Amy’s babies. Be sure to catch the hour-long season premiere of Futurama on Comedy Central this Thursday at 10pm/9pm Central.

Futurama Thursdays 10pm / 9c
Q&A With Matt Groening and David X. Cohen – Part 1
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