Get a Sneak Peek at Tonight's 'Merlin'

Get a Sneak Peek at Tonight’s ‘Merlin’

It’s Friday so that means previews of tonight’s shows on Syfy. This week, however, we’ve only got a preview of tonight’s Merlin to share with you. But don’t worry, this episode of the show has enough going on so we don’t really need anything else.

In the preview for tonight’s episode, called “The Fires of Idirsholas,” Merlin’s loyalty is pushed to the limit by Morgause’s plan for revenge. What will Merlin do and how will he manage to keep his word yet prevent an even bigger disaster from happening? Tune in tonight to find out.

Before that, check out the preview for tonight’s episode after the jump. Merlin airs on Syfy at 10/9C.