'The Legend of Neil' Season 3 Gets A Trailer

‘The Legend of Neil’ Season 3 Gets A Trailer

With so much on the Internets these days, there are plenty of web series that get lost in the fray. Whether due to poor writing, bad directing, sub-par acting or whatever, many just don’t catch on. Some, however, do manage to catch the public eye. One of those few that do is The Legend of Neil.

The online sitcom comes from Sandeep Parikh, who fans of the genre may remember as “Zaboo” from the insanely popular web series The Guild. Fans of Guild will be happy to know that Felicia Day has a recurring role on the show as well, and this series even had a musical episode last season.

What is Legend of Neil? Well, if a drunk in his late 20’s got sucked into a game of Legend of Zelda and realizes exactly how ridiculous the entire concept is, that pretty much describes the show. There’s plenty of humor for video game fans, or even just fans of swearing.

Check out the all new teaser trailer for season 3, which premieres on July 24th just in time for Comic-Con, after the jump.