International Trailer for 'Let Me In' Arrives

International Trailer for ‘Let Me In’ Arrives

When it comes to Americanized remakes or reboots of other country’s films I tend to think we should wait at least a few years before launching said remake. After all, other countries do have a film production business as well and we don’t always do it better here in the USA. Still, with Hollywood struggling to find ideas that work, we do end up remaking other country’s movies pretty frequently.

Case in point is director Matt Reeves remake of the 2008 Swedish horror film Let the Right One In. His version, known as Let Me In, covers pretty much the same ground as the original as you can see from the new international trailer that has appeared and we’re bringing to you today.

The trailer, courtesy of Deadline, gives us some insight into the film’s story of a boy who realizes the pretty girl next door is actually a vampire and let’s us know this one is going for the scary, moody, suspense of the director’s first film Cloverfield and the original film. And, in spite of my feelings on remakes like this, this trailer actually looks pretty good.

Check out the new international trailer after the break. Let Me In hits theaters on October 1st.