HTC Droid Incredible Update Coming Soon, Reportedly Adds Awesome New Features

Are you a user of the the awesome and, well, incredible HTC Droid Incredible? Are you a little jealous of your iPhone 4 using friends who get to record video in 720p or of other smartphone users who can create hotspots with their devices? If so, time to forget those concerns and get happy.

HTC has confirmed an OTA update is on the way for the Droid Incredible that will not only fix a few security and grounding issues it will also, if the following pic is be believed, enable the device to create mobile hotspots and, wait for it, unlock the capability to record video in 720p HD, just like the upcoming DROID X. The update will also reportedly change the boot screen to the new Droid eye, as seen in the video we’ve got for you.

If the update actually unlocks these features, it’s not that surprising. HTC wants to make sure it can compete with the iPhone 4 and DROID X, so having this functionality up it’s sleeve and able to be unlocked via an update at an opportune time goes a long way to ensuring that.

Check out the video and pic after the jump. We’ll keep you informed on this update and also let us know if you get it and if it really adds this functionality.

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