‘Covert Affairs’ Debriefing: The Sets

‘Covert Affairs’ Debriefing: The Sets

Watch any regular television show these days and you’ll probably find the sets become as important as the characters themselves.  There’s comfort in knowing you’ll be returning to a familiar place from week-to-week.  Covert Affairs is no different and has crafted a number of unique locales viewers will certainly enjoy seeing each week.

Whether it’s something as innocent as Annie Walker’s (Piper Perabo) bedroom or the technology laden operations center of the Domestic Protection Division (DPD) the attention to detail is nothing short of spectacular.  While the sets we walked through are different from the locations used in the pilot episode, the modifications and “upgrades” are impressive.  Did I mention how awesome the DPD set is?  Even if I did let me say again, it’s awesome!

There doesn’t seem to be much to it all looking from the outside in.  I whole lot of wooden beams and plastic backdrops beneath dozens of lights where a ceiling should be.  Turn a corner, however, and you suddenly find yourself walking through the foyer of the Central Intelligence Agency.  It’s quite an experience and credit has to be given to the set designers and trades people that put these sets together.

On a side note, while they were not available the day of our visit I wanted to mention some of the other great actors that round out the Covert Affairs cast: Peter Gallagher (Californication, The O.C.), Kari Matchett (Leverage, Criminal Minds) and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes) all bring great talent to this new series.

So, in conclusion to our coverage of Covert Affairs here are some pictures of the sets after the jump you’re sure to enjoy when the series premiers.  Also, thanks to NBC, USA Network, New Media Strategies, and the cast and crew of Covert Affairs for making our visit possible.  We look forward to the premiere Tuesday, July 13.  Make sure to check it out!

Welcome to the Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA's Domestic Protection Unit Entrance

Domestic Production Unit Operations, Photo # 1

Domestic Production Unit Operations, Photo # 2

Danielle's (Anne Dudek) Kitchen

Annie's (Piper Perabo) Bedroom

Alert! Journalists in the DPD...hide your paperwork. (Bob Starr, extreme left)