Edward Norton Responds to Being Replaced as 'The Hulk'

Edward Norton Responds to Being Replaced as ‘The Hulk’

Early yesterday we reported that Marvel Studios had decided to replace actor Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in any future movies where the character appears. At that time Norton’s agent responded, as they often do, and we never expected Norton himself to offer any kind of opinion — at least in public.

Well, we were wrong about that last bit as Norton has already responded to his replacement via his official Facebook page. In the response, Norton thanked his fans for their support but doesn’t offer any further details on why he won’t be coming back.

It is clear from his message that he isn’t exactly happy about the situation but is dealing with it as best he can. His final comment that “Hulk is bigger than us all” seems to indicate he will, reluctantly, put the role behind him.

Click through for Norton’s complete statement. Now that Norton is out, who should take on the role of Bruce banner/The Hulk? How about the rumored Joaquin Phoenix? Sound off in the comments.