Brand New 'Thor' Image Released Featuring Odin, Loki and Mjohnir

Brand New ‘Thor’ Image Released Featuring Odin, Loki and Mjohnir

Remember a little while ago when the first image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor was released and I actually thought the movie looked pretty good? Then, even more pics and video came out and that optimism continued? Remember how I thought director Kenneth Branagh and his team seemed to be taking the movie seriously and I was excited to see it?

Well, remember that time fondly friends because now I’m so sure — especially after seeing this latest image from the film released by Hero Complex. In it we’re treated to a better view of golden eyepatch wearing Anthony Hopkins as Odin and some rather plastic-looking costumes which go a long way to spoiling my mood. I know you shouldn’t judge from a single image but compared to the previous ones, this one looks like it scores much higher on the cheese-o-meter.

Even though that might be the case, at least to me, the pic does have some redeeming qualities. It does offer us our first look at Tom Hiddleston as the evil Loki. He does look pretty good as a villain. Also, we can get a better look at Hemsworth’s Thor, complete with his weapon of choice: the mighty Mjohnir.

Okay, so this picture doesn’t exactly thrill me, for the most part. I will sincerely try not to make a mistake and judge too harshly without more to go on. Of course, hearing the news that both Thor and The Avengers will be in 3D doesn’t help matters.

It’s not easy staying optimistic, but I’ll do it. At least until next week’s inevitable Comic-Con unveiling of actual footage from the film. Once I’ve seen that I, along with thousands of others like me, can then decide the film is going to suck.

Click through for a lager version of the new photo. Thor hits theaters on May 10, 2011. Okay, what say you about this new photo? Thumbs up or down?