SDCC10: Win VIP Passes to 'The Event' or 'The Cape' Panels at San Diego Comic-Con

SDCC10: Win VIP Passes to ‘The Event’ or ‘The Cape’ Panels at San Diego Comic-Con

Often during the crush of events like San Diego Cmic-Con, the panel or screening you want desperately to see has a line that would test the patients of Job or you just can’t get in at all. Fortunately, if you’re clamoring to see panels and get more info on new Fall TV programs The Event or The Cape (featuring the beautiful and talented Summer Glau), our pals at NBC have got you covered. How? Well, read on.

This week, if you’re looking forward to these shows and are going to the Con, you’ll have a chance to win VIP passes to The Event panel and/or The Chase panel at this year’s Con. The winners get get VIP seating for the panel, get to view the pilot and the cast and crew interviews and experience the panel in style. Sadly, even with all this great treatment (and make no mistake you will get great treatment) there won’t be a cocktail waitress coming by asking if you want drinks. You can’t have everything.

The contest for The Event and The Cape is currently running NBC’s Fan.It site so anyone can enter. Be sure to enter early and often because the more points you have, the more you can “cash in” for chances to win. The contest ends Monday so what are you waiting for?