Verizon Wireless Releases Sneak Peek of ‘Tomorrow’ a 60-Second Trailer for Droid X

Verizon Wireless Releases Sneak Peek of ‘Tomorrow’ a 60-Second Trailer for Droid X

Hot on the heels of Verizon’s Twitter campaign (follow @DroidLanding for details), as well as our own coverage of the Droid X here at The Flickcast, the wireless company has now released a sneak peek of a 60-second trailer for their hot new Android-based smartphone.

The video as well as the Twitter campaign have really served to build the hype in advance of the official Motorola Droid X launch, which begins today at Verizon retail stores nationwide. Since June 21st, Team Droid X has been tweeting tantalizing details concerning the whereabouts of  twenty of their so-called ‘Droid Designates’.

Advanced copies of the massive smartphones hidden in various states across the U.S. As the weeks rolled on, the hints became more and more specific, eventually culminating in a GPS coordinate that could be entered into Google Maps to learn an exact location.

Obligatory twitpics of the winners of the Droid X scavenger hunt began popping up late last week. One-by-one, the beaming faces of Droid X owners holding up their new smartphones really had me thinking that Verizon knows how to run a successful viral twitter campaign. And clearly, getting advanced copies of a hot new phone out in the wild only stokes the interest all the more.

Hit the jump for all of the launch-day details as well as the sneak-peek video!

With launch day today, PC World is reporting that Verizon promises the highly anticipated Droid X won’t suffer the same fate as the Droid Incredible, which has been tough to get one’s hands on even now, months out from the Incredible’s launch. Most retail Verizon stores are expected to be stocking between 50-100 phones, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but should satisfy initial demand. As always, get there early if you are interested in going home with this hot new device.

So as the excitement builds, a sneak-peek video has been released. In the clip, several researchers in environmental suits enter an underground facility, in a scene reminiscent of a large-budget Sci-Fi flick. As they walk the corridors miles beneath the surface, they encounter a smashed helmet, much like the ones the researchers are wearing.

What’s going on here? Is this thing radioactive? Something worse? As they file into a small chamber, a hovering object spins and whirls before them. Letters appear, slowly at first, but eventually spelling out ‘Tomorrow.’

Take a peek at the trailer and then let us know in the comments what you think of the Droid X. Is it an iPhone 4 killer?