The Flickcast - San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Special!

The Flickcast – San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Special!

You might have realized that something is going on in San Diego called Comic-Con and our intrepid team are right in the middle of it to bring as much coverage of the event as possible. However, that doesn’t stop your favorite podcasting dynamic duo from doing a show.

Of course, this show features all Comic-Con all the time and what Chris and Matt felt were the highlights, and lowlights, of the Con, the panels, the announcements and everything in between. They also delved into some Comic-Con secrets and speculated on why some rumored announcements never took place at all.

The boys also made some great Comic-Con related picks of things they were most excited about during the Con including Chris’ pick of AMC’s adaptation of The Walking Dead and Matt’s pick of the Comic-Con weapon’s check station (Listen to find out).

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