Check Out the 'Thor' Footage from Comic-Con!

Check Out the ‘Thor’ Footage from Comic-Con!

When you work at a film website it’s often difficult to see trailers, pictures and the rest of the tidbits that come out about films without forming an opinion. Sure, in a perfect world we could go into these things with no prior knowledge at all and enjoy them (or not) the first time we see them. Sadly, it just doesn’t work that way.

By the time a film is actually released we know pretty much everything about it from the cast to the visual effects to the story to almost every kind of Easter egg it has. It’s just the way things are done now. Case in point is Marvel’s upcoming Thor adaptation. We’ve seen quite a bit of stuff from it including lots of photos and more. In this case it’s hard not to form an opinion and this opinion is, unfortunately, leaning to the negative.

The footage shown at Comic-Con last week in glorious Hall H doesn’t go that far to moving that opinion into the plus column. However, it is nice to see something from the film other than pictures and some pieces of it looked pretty good. Let’s hope the footage subsequently released keeps pushing things in a positive direction. Heck, let’s hope the movie ends up being good.

Until then, check out the footage after the jump. After you watch it, tell us what you think of it in the comments.