U.K. 'Playstation Move' Starter Pack Bundled With 9 Demos

U.K. ‘Playstation Move’ Starter Pack Bundled With 9 Demos

Last week at San Diego Comic-Con, The Flickcast team got a chance to play around with the game that will be bundled with the U.S. version of Playstation Move, titled Sports Champions. It’s a lot like Wii Sports, but definitely still fun and new and definitely shows off Move‘s capabilities. If you live in the U.K., however, you’ll find something quite different inside your Playstation Move starter kit: 9 demos for the motion-controlled software.

Six game demos will be included, for titles Sports Champions, Start the Party, The Shoot, EyePet: Move Edition, TV Superstars, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. The three remaining demos will be for Playstation Network games Echochrome 2, Tumble and Beat Sketchers.

While you may be thinking that these are only demos, and not full versions of the game, it’s interesting to consider whether or not you’d prefer just one full game that you may not even like, or a ton of short demos of games that will allow you to find a title you really enjoy. What’s good for U.S. gamers is that, while Sports Champions is only one title, it’s got a bunch of activities like archery, volleyball, or sword fighting, all of which can be played with friends.

Playstation Move launches in Europe on September 15th and on September 19th for the United States.