Check Out An Exclusive Clip From ‘Evil Dead’ On Blu-ray

Check Out An Exclusive Clip From ‘Evil Dead’ On Blu-ray

There are tons of cult horror films for fans to look back on and cringe, but there are very few that can still be considered solid pieces of cinema. Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films are easily on the top of that list, and the first of the trilogy is finally getting the Blu-ray treatment, all thanks to Anchor Bay Films.

For the first time, Raimi’s Evil Dead is making it’s high definition debut, with two astounding 1080p anamorphic transfers (1.85 and 1.33 aspect ratio, for you who know what that means). Not only will you get the film with both audio and visual restoration, but the disc also comes with a brand new commentary by Raimi, long-time producer Rob Tapert, and the man himself, Bruce Campbell.

The release also comes with a second disc full of extra features, including:

•    One By One We Will Take You: The Untold Saga of The Evil Dead
•    The Evil Dead: Treasures from the Cutting Room Floor
•    The Ladies Of The Evil Dead Meet Bruce Campbell
•    Book of The Dead: The Other Pages
•    Discovering The Evil Dead
•    Unconventional
•    At The Drive-In

Check out an exclusive clip from the commentary after the jump, in which Bruce Campbell discusses his Viet Nam-like flashbacks he had after finishing the first film. Catch The Evil Dead Blu-ray in stores on August 30th.