Check Out Previews for Tonight’s ‘Eureka’ and ‘Haven’

Happy Friday. Hope you’re enjoying the day. If you’re plans call for some TV watching tonight we’ve got clips for brand new episodes of both Eureka and Haven to share with you today.

First up on a Eureka episode called “Crossing Over”, Warehouse 13‘s Claudia pays a surprise visit to Eureka looking for something or someone. What she’s doing is anyone’s guess, but you can bet things won’t be as they seem.

Next up on Haven in an episode called “Ball and Chain”, strange things are happening as time speeds ahead and the men of Haven begin to rapidly age. Just like that episode of the original Star Trek where Kirk and Spock go to that planet and McCoy is older so he ages faster and . . . Sorry. Never mind.

Check out clips for both shows after the jump. Eureka airs at 9/8C and Haven at 10/9C tonight only on Syfy.

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