New ‘Saw 3D’ Motion Poster Arrives

New ‘Saw 3D’ Motion Poster Arrives

It’s poster day here at the site and now we’ve got another for you. Previously, we brought you the first trailer for the latest, and presumably last, installment of the Saw franchise now known as Saw 3D. In that trailer we were treated to a lot of the same torture porn images, intricate traps and the rest of what you would expect from a Saw film.

The biggest difference with this latest one is that it brings back some of the cast of the other films including Carey Elwes, Betsy Russelly, Costas Mandylor and Jigsaw himself Tobin Bell. To demonstrate that, we’ve got a new poster for the movie (sent to us by Lionsgate and first debuted on featuring Bell in glorious 3D and complete with exploding head.

The movie tells the story of Jigsaw’s survivors who seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery). Unfortunately, Dagen is a man with his own secrets and dark past and as a battle for Jigsaw’s legacy ensues, a new wave of terror is unleashed.

Director Kevin Greutert returns for this movie as well as previous Saw franchise writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, who wrote Saw IV, Saw V and Saw VI as well as the very good The Collector.

Check out the full poster in all its 3D glory after the jump. Saw 3D takes your lunch money and tortures you to death on October 29th.