Check Out Previews for Tonight's 'Euraka' and 'Haven'

Check Out Previews for Tonight’s ‘Euraka’ and ‘Haven’

Happy Friday. Happy indeed as we’ve got previews for tonight’s all-new episodes of Eureka and Haven to share with you right now and get you ready for the full episodes.

First up on a Eureka episode entitled “Monstrosity,” the guys set out on a camping trip and all seems to be going well and they are having a great time. Unfortunately, their great time is interrupted by something that not only threatens to ruin their trip but may also mean deadlier consequences.

Next up is a preview for a Haven episode called “Fur.” No, not that kind of fur. Well, maybe. Anyway, in this episode Audrey and Nathan find out that even the animals in Haven are full of dangerous surprises. Wow, first the people, now the animals. But what about the children?

Things kick off tonight at 9/8C with Eureka followed by Haven at 10/9C only on Syfy. Check out the previews for both episodes after the break.

Eureka – “Momstrosity” Sneak Peek Clip

Haven – “Fur” Sneak Peek Clip