Inteview: ‘Children’s Hospital’ Star Rob Huebel Speaks

Inteview: ‘Children’s Hospital’ Star Rob Huebel Speaks

In case you haven’t been keeping up, we’ve been bringing you tons of great interviews with the cast of Adult Swim’s newest series, Children’s Hospital. We’ve already spoken with Ken Marino, Paul Scheer, and the lovely Lake Bell, so today we go straight to the man on top, Rob Huebel.

Many remember Rob as one of the founding members of MTV’s Human Giant, but he’s probably known best for being in just about everything that has to do with comedy on TV in the past 5 years. From Arrested Development to I Love You, Man to 30 Rock, American Dad, The Office and countless others. Huebel is certainly a character actor who gets around.

It seems that he’s most recently found a home on Rob Corddry’s Children’s Hospital as the clueless Dr. Owen Maestro, the melodramatic love interest of just about every female lead on the show. We spoke with Rob about Hospital as well as a few of his upcoming projects that we were pretty excited to hear about.

Check out the full interview after the jump and be sure to catch an ALL NEW season of Children’s Hospital this Sunday, August 22nd at 10:30 PM, only on Adult Swim.

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