Apple Reportedly To Offer 99-Cent TV Show Rentals, Holding Event on September 1

Apple Reportedly To Offer 99-Cent TV Show Rentals, Holding Event on September 1

Sometimes, things happen in public that actually reflect things you’ve been discussing in private. In this case I was just having a discussion about TV show rentals the other day and was lamenting the fact that Apple didn’t offer that model for its Apple TV device. Cut to today and it looks like that problem might be remedied by Apple shortly.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is supposedly in “advanced talks” with News Corp., CBS and Walt Disney Co. to allow iTunes users to rent their programming for 99-cents an episode instead of, or in addition to, the existing model where you can only purchase content. From the article:

“The content deals would give Apple users access to some of the most-watched shows on TV and increase the appeal of its devices. . . Added programming also would build on iTunes’ role as the biggest retailer of music and mobile applications, and help Apple ward off companies like Netflix Inc. and Inc., which offer their own online video services.”

Not only that, Apple will reportedly announce this service, and potentially more, at an as yet unofficial press event on September 1st. Some of these other things could include an Apple TV re-branded as the iTV and/or new versions of the iPod. With Apple, really anything is possible.

As someone who’s just gone through this and only wanted to rent some episodes of a show and not own them, I hope the rental deal turns out to be true. It makes sense that companies would want to offer this option in order to get some revenue instead of none from people only looking to rent a show and not own it. Hopefully we’ll find out on September 1st.