Interview: 'Eureka' Star Neil Grayston Talks About His 'Romance' With ‘Warehouse 13' Star Allison Scagliotti

Interview: ‘Eureka’ Star Neil Grayston Talks About His ‘Romance’ With ‘Warehouse 13′ Star Allison Scagliotti

SyFy’s Eureka and Warehouse 13 are filled to the brim with gizmos a plenty and government geniuses.  Much like the perfect swirl at Pink Berry, when these two shows crossover they form the perfect blend of high tech adventures. So, when The Flickcast sat down with the energetic, witty, and down to earth Neil Grayston, we couldn’t help but inquire about his fictional and non-fictional cohort Allison Scagliotti.

Neil Grayston, who plays Douglas Fargo on Eureka, it seems is an international man of mystery.  I say international because he is in fact from Canada, and mystery because who knew he used to be a wrestler and still keeps his black belt firmly pressed?  I’m sure this is why Allison Scagliotti of Warehouse 13 finds her pal perpetually fascinating.

The Flickcast: Is it fun seeing Warehouse 13’s Allison Scagliotti in San Diego?

Neil Grayston: Yeah, well it’s funny, Allison and I met a year ago, here at Comic-Con.  We hit it off pretty much right away and we’ve kept in touch and we’re like really, really good friends. And then, we got paid to hang out and work together for 2 weeks, and make out and stuff.

We have a very similar way of doing things- we answer each other’s sentences so many times and we have the same punch lines.  Like when another person has just said something and we’ll both try to make a clever quip and it’ll be at the same time with the same inflection.

It was really fun, I hope I can go back, because the whole Warehouse 13 cast is great and the whole Eureka cast is great, and we all sort of blend quite well together.

There’s weird links, like Colin Ferguson and Eddie McClintock have known each other for a long time, and Joanne Kelly and I have mutual friends. It’s just meant to be that we would have a crossover because we already crossover in our regular lives.

FC: Do the writers ever think up funny stunts as a joke and then ask if you can do them for real?

NG: At the beginning when we first started the series, someone like Jaime Puglia (show creator) would come to me and be like, “Ok, Neil so um, we’re going to have you jump over this counter, are you ok with that? We‘ll get you a stunt guy and we’ll do that.”  And I used to do wrestling in High School, I got my black belt- I’m strangely kind of a physically active person, not really now, now I can get up off a couch and walk over and get back onto a couch.

But, whenever they’re like, “Oh so you’re going to be ok?” I’ll be like, “Yes, get the mat out of there cuz it annoys me, it’s getting in my way and freaking me out.  Yeah, let me just jump over the thing and fall.”

I think now they’ll just sort of say, “Oh yeah?  So, let’s see how happy you’re going to be with this one- we’re going to make you naked, upside down, and smashing into a window and then getting shot with a water cannon.”  And I’ll just reply, “Cool, can the water be kind of warm though maybe?”

Keep checking The Flickcast as we continue our interview with the fearless Neil Grayston.  Next time Neil will uncover his classified files on Eureka’s high tech gadgetry.   Now that’s something even Tony…errr I mean Nathan Stark would like to read.

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