Show Off Your Geek Chic with Gelaskins

Show Off Your Geek Chic with Gelaskins

All geeks really love gadgets. It’s one of the things we live and breathe for. And while we may have some of the latest and greatest in tech, it’s still important to make sure they’re protected while still looking as cool as possible.

That’s where Gelaskins, a product I recently discovered at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, come in. Gelaskins replaces the idea of a bulky case or a boring, one-tone skin with some cool designs for almost any gadget you can think of.

Whether you’ve got an iPod Touch or an Xbox 360 you want to jazz up, you can snag yourself a Gelaskin skin in many really cool art designs. For us geeks, they’ve got skin art from Marvel, Buffy, Hellboy and more.

If Gelaskins doesn’t offer any art to your liking, you can upload your own design and have it printed for a vast array of products including netbooks, eReaders, and the latest and greatest phones.

You can check out Gelaskins at their website.