Check Out the Trailer for Dolph Lundgren In ‘The Killing Machine’

Check Out the Trailer for Dolph Lundgren In ‘The Killing Machine’

Often its fun to watch great films featuring A-list stars doing what they do best. It’s also fun to watch a big budget sci-fi or action film full of amazing effects, death-defying stunts and hugely imaginative worlds exquisitely realized. And then sometimes you just want to see stuff explode.

This new trailer featuring Dolph Lundgren in The Killing Machine is pretty much that third one. Still, that doesn’t mean the film is bad, just not as expensive or fancy as others.

Directed by and starring Lundgren, the film follows the exploits of Edward Genn (Lundgren) a Soviet-era sleeper agent and trained assassin living in America. But times have changed and Edward is ready to leave that life and move on.

With a new identity, Edward is ready to re-introduce himself to his wife and daughter. But even though he may want to live a new life, there are others who still remember him and will do anything to destroy him.

The Killing Machine also stars Stefanie von Pfetten, Samantha Ferris and Bo Svenson. It will be available on DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment on October 19th.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

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