Take A Trumpet To The Groin With a Clip from ‘Barry Munday’

Take A Trumpet To The Groin With a Clip from ‘Barry Munday’

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while an independent, small budget comedy ends up establishing cult status almost immediately. It looks like Barry Munday may be setting itself up for that.

Based on the book Life is A Strange Place by Frank Turner Hollon, the film follows the misfortunes of a wannabe ladies man trapped in the suburbs. Munday is penned and directed by newcomer Chris D’Arienzo, who is also attached to write the film adaptation of the musical Rock Of Ages.

The film not only stars Watchmen’s Patrick Wilson as the titular Barry, but Christopher McDonald, Billy Dee Williams, Jean Smart, Missi Pyle, Chloë Sevigny, Judy Greer, and Malcolm McDowell also join the fun.

Check out a brand new clip from the film after the jump, which features Arrested Development’s Mae Whitman (“Egg”) as yet another sexualized character. Between this and her recent role in Scott Pilgrim, we may need to rethink her being cast in an Arrested film.

Be sure to catch Barry Munday in theaters on October 31st.