Check Out a Preview for Tonight’s ‘Warehouse 13′

Check Out a Preview for Tonight’s ‘Warehouse 13′

As we often do because hey, why not, we’ve got a preview for tonight’s episode of Syfy’s hit series Warehouse 13 to share with you today. And this one looks pretty cool.

In the episode entitled “Vendetta” the team flies to Russia to track down a killer with links to Artie. As usual, things don’t go exactly as planned and the team is forced to improvise.

What is going on with this killer and why does he have a link to Artie? The answers may surprise you. To find out you’ll just have to watch. I know I will be, just like every week.

Check out the preview for tonight’s all-new episode of Warehouse 13 after the jump. Tune in at 9/8C for all the action only on Syfy.

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