XBox Live Price Increase Coming In November

XBox Live Price Increase Coming In November

If you’re a gamer chances are you probably use Microsoft’s XBox 360 console. If so, you probably also use XBox Live and have paid for a membership.

If the answer to both of these is a resounding yes then this post is for you. Yesterday over at his blog, Major Nelson put out the word that new XBox Live pricing for 1 year Gold Memberships is going to go into effect starting on November 1st. The new price: $59.99.

Yes, that’s right, Microsoft giveth and Microsoft taketh away. Well actually, they’re just raising the price on something you already have and not really taking much away. Fortunately, there’s a silver lining in this price increase cloud. If you act now and secure your year renewal for XBox Live Gold you can get the full year for only $39.99.

So, if you’ve still got a few months left on your membership like I do, that can potentially save you a bit of money and the pain of having to pay the higher rates in November.

See, Microsoft isn’t so bad.