Freeze, Punk! ‘Robocop: The Complete Collection’ Is Coming To Blu-ray

While the thought of a Robocop reboot is still up in the air, that doesn’t mean we still can’t look back with nostalgia on some of our favorite Robocop films in glorious 720p picture. Now we can finally relive those epic moments and more with a massive collector’s edition box set of all three films. From an MGM press release:

Packed full of memorable moments and Robocop quotes, the ROBOCOP TRILOGY is a fan must-have. Viewers can experience their favorite “human” robot in all three classic films, now on Blu-ray.

Directors Paul Verhoeven (Totall Recall, Basic Instinct) of ROBOCOP, Irvin Kershner of ROBOCOP 2 and Fred Dekker (Monster Squad Forever, Nighs of the Creeps) of ROBOCOP 3 bring the half robot, half police officer to life with the help of an intensely talented cast, including Peter Weller (The Order; 24), Robert Burke (Good Night, and Good Luck; Tombstone), Kurtwood Smith (Rambo III; That 70’s Show) and Nancy Allen (Law and Order, Carrie).

The box set arrives on Blu-ray for the very first time on October 5th, and will run for $59.99 total (that breaks down to about $20 per movie, with the special features thrown in.). Be sure pick this collection up as soon as you can, and hold yourself over until we get a new Robocop in theaters.

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