Relive ‘Back To The Future’ In A Brand New Video Game

Relive ‘Back To The Future’ In A Brand New Video Game

If 2010 goes down in the record books as anything at all, it will be known as “The Year of Back To The Future” as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the trilogy. Not only will we be treated to a brand new Blu-Ray release of the original films on October 26th, but now we’ll be treated to a brand new video game for the franchise, as well.

From TellTale Games, the guys that brought us Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island, the game will come in the form of five monthly episodes, each a playable adventure featuring our favorite characters. Christopher Lloyd is returning to voice Doc Brown (because, why not?) and Bob Gale is even getting involved. From the press release:

Co-creator and writer Bob Gale’s involvement further strengthens the links to the original series.  Gale is consulting with Telltale on the characterizations and storyline for the game, ensuring it will be true to the spirit and adventure of the films.

Gale elaborates:  “Twenty-five years ago when I wrote Doc Brown’s line about ‘seeing the future,’ little did I realize that I would be traveling with him to work on this game.  Collaborating with Telltale is an amazing opportunity to continue the adventures of Doc and Marty.”

The first in the game series will be coming to us as soon as this November, and those going to PAX in Seattle this weekend will be treated to the very first look at the game. Also, shortly after BTTF is behind TellTale, word is that their next franchise to tackle in game form is Jurassic Park, so watch out for those Spitters!

In the meantime, check out the very first piece of artwork from the upcoming Back to the Future game, featuring an awesome rendering of both Doc and Marty after the jump.