Mastodon First Trailer for ‘Repeaters’ Makes Us Miss Bill Murray

First Trailer for ‘Repeaters’ Makes Us Miss Bill Murray

Picture, if you will, a film that has the same premise of Bill Murray’s 1993 film Groundhog Day, replaces the talent with a cast that looks like they came from the set of Twilight: Eclipse, and gives it a lame, on-the-nose title that most infants would scoff at. Enter The Repeaters.

From the screenwriter that brought us Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie, comes this new film about 3 twentysomethings who find themselves living the same day over and over again. They repeat the same day. They are “Repeaters”. Get it?

One thing that could end up interesting is the one aspect of Groundhog that we all wish was flourished a bit more than a 10 minute montage, which is “what if they lived like gods with absolutely no recourse for their actions?” Hopefully, the film will surprise us all and play into the same fan frenzy that Groundhog did 17 years ago.

Check out the first trailer for Repeaters, starring Dustin Milligan, Amanda Crew, and Richard de Klerk, after the jump and catch the film in theaters mid-January.

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