Natalie Portman Offered Lead Role in 'Gravity'

Natalie Portman Offered Lead Role in ‘Gravity’

Reports have been trickling in from the Telluride Film Festival about Darren Aronofsky’s psychological drama Black Swan, and word on the street is that the film is good, very good. Star Natalie Portman is receiving early Oscar buzz for her portrayal of a Ballerina with a very unhealthy obsession.

This is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the late fall film season.  If the movie is as good as early buzz indicates, Portman will certainly be a hot commodity.

Now, Deadline is reporting that Portman has been offered the lead role in the 3D adventure Gravity, after Angelina Jolie reportedly declined the role.

Gravity began its development journey at Universal, but is now being backed by Warner Brothers, who have extended the offer to Portman. When Jolie declined the role, many feared the project was dead.  With a budget of around $80M, Warner Brothers needed to find someone who could carry the movie.  Portman may be the perfect choice.

Her most well-known roles to date are in the movies V for Vendetta,  Star Wars Episodes II and III, Beautiful Girls, Cold Mountain, and The Professional, which was her stunning acting debut.  She has also amassed several indie films on her resume, including Closer and Garden State.

Gravity will be directed by Alfonso Cuarón, notable for Children of Men, Y tu mamá también, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Robert Downey Jr. will co-star, though the female role will be of primary importance in the movie, as it tells the story of a lone survivor of a space mission and her fight to get back to earth and her daughter.

Black Swan is scheduled for a US release on December 1st.