Check Out Three New Photos From This Season of ‘The Venture Bros.’

This Sunday marks an important day in TV. Maybe just to fans of Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros., but an important day nonetheless. They’re calling it season 4.5, because the last chunk of episodes we got only got us up to 8 back in December.

This season promises to bring us plenty more action and adventure, with new twists and turns for favorite twins, a new low for Dr. Venture, and yes, plenty more Brock Sampson. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. The Monarch will also be back and we may even get some closure from our fallen Henchman.

We’ve got some brand new pics for you to check out after the jump, featuring the consistent new looks of Hank and Dean, as well as Dr. V getting hooked up to a defribbulator. Most important news: Brock’s mullet is back!

Check out the images after the jump and be sure to catch “The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider”, airing on Adult Swim, Sunday the 12th at 11:30PM.

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