GetGlue App Comes to iPad

GetGlue App Comes to iPad

Here at The Flickcast we like to experiment with cool gadgets, software and such that can add something fun to our otherwise dreary lives toiling away for the man. Of course you can find most of us on Twitter and Facebook and yes, the site itself has its own Twitter and Facebook presence as well.

Another social media site and software we’ve been having a go with is called GetGlue. I could describe the site and its mission to you, but instead I’m going to let the folks who know it best tell you all about it (Plus, its Friday and I’m lazy). From the GetGlue website:

GetGlue is a social network for entertainment, with more than 4.5M new unique ratings and check-ins for tv shows, movies, music and books every month. GetGlue users rate and check-in to things they like to get recommendations and earn rewards.

The GetGlue mobile app enables users to check-in to tv shows, movies, music and books, plus see what their friends are consuming in real-time. On users can quickly build up their taste profile, get fresh suggestions every week, browse top lists and find taste neighbors.

And with that, a cool new idea was born which now consumes time in my day. Fortunately, the GetGlue team make it very easy to check in and share your favorite items with applications for the iPhone, Android and now the iPad.

This is good news for us iPad users because using the GetGlue iPhone app on the iPad wasn’t working so well. Now that there’s a native iPad app, my use of GetGlue will undoubtedly increase. Plus, did I mention the stickers?