Mastodon The Flickcast – Episode 70: Afterlife

The Flickcast – Episode 70: Afterlife

This week on The Flickcast Chris and Matt dive into more topics of interest and discuss issues affecting society. No, not really. They mostly just bitch about the current state of Hollywood and the lack of creativity in most studio films.

They also manage to talk about a few other things including upcoming premieres of new and returning TV programs such as Community, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory and Chuck as well as the success and relative merits of the latest Resident Evil franchise film. They also talked about more TV programs this week including James Cameron’s True Lies, Ryan Reynolds returning to TV as a producer and new scripted series coming from MTV.

Of course, Chris and Matt also made some picks this week including Matt’s pick of the 1988 Gary Busey film Bulletproof and Chris’ pick of the new Shawn Ryan TV series Terriers.

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