Ryan Reynolds Is Still Talking About ‘Deadpool’

Ryan Reynolds Is Still Talking About ‘Deadpool’

Though Green Lantern is prepping to be one of the larger superhero flicks of 2011 (in spite of the possible awesomeness of Thor and Captain America), Ryan Reynolds is still sticking to his word and planning on going back to his role as Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. In a recent interview with Hero Complex, Reynolds delves into the emotional trauma of the Merc with the Mouth and how much of a mess it will be to get into that character.

Many fans became smitten with him in that role after his performance in the poorly received X-Men Origins: Wolverine last year. Now, Reynolds has wrapped GL, is promoting Buried, and can’t wait to start killing people for money on film.

Here’s what he had to say about Deaadpool:

“It goes in such a different direction than a superhero movie usually goes. It’s a nasty piece of work. It’s just based in so much emotional filth, completely. It’s like ‘Barfly‘ if it were a superhero movie. It sort of treads into the world of an emotionally damaged person.  I always say that Deadpool is a guy in a highly militarized shame spiral…. It’s so different than the superhero movies to date, it departs so far from that.”

“With Deadpool, it’s a lot like going to prison for the first day,” Reynolds said. “You got to walk up and hit the biggest guy you see to establish a bit of cred. With Deadpool, early on you have to establish that moral flexibility. There’s a gamble to it — you’re going to lose a few people right at the beginning but you take the gamble and know that eventually you’re going to win them back.

You won’t lose the hard-core fans of the character, they already know who he is. We have to play to a broader audience than that. As an actor you have to be willing to do something like … back in Vancouver we used to call it a [nasty] burger. ’You gotta eat the [nasty] burger to get to the cookies.’ And yes, I want to write a cookbook about that…”

There is no set timetable to start shooting the film, but the script by Zombieland team Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick is already done. All that Twentieth Century is waiting on is Reynolds’ schedule, which is keeping him busy until the later part of next year. Worry not though, with this amount of enthusiasm for the role, it’s very likely that we will, eventually, see a Deadpool feature film.