How the 'Mad Men' Writers Room Really Works

How the ‘Mad Men’ Writers Room Really Works

As we do sometimes here at The Flickcast, we’ve got a video for you today that entertained and enthralled us enough to click a few buttons, type some text and share it with you. No, we’re not lazy,we just like to bring the best quality we can and don’t like to waste our time or your time.

So, that brings us to this video made by YouTube user TVAuteur. In it watch as an animated character of Mad Men creator Matt Weiner conducts a job interview with a perspective employee. The video, to say the least, is pretty damn funny but also has a touch of anger — which we love. I just hope the guy who made it doesn’t end up getting sued.

Of course, the real Mad Men airs on AMC Sunday nights. This video you can watch any time you want. In fact, how about right now after the jump?