DC’s Big Move Raises Hope For Future Movie Franchises

DC’s Big Move Raises Hope For Future Movie Franchises

Massive changes are in store for DC Entertainment, as the company recently announced that it plans to relocate the multimedia side of the company from it’s current location in New York City to Burbank, California. The print side of the company is planning on remaining in New York.

This move has been rumored for months so the move comes as little surprise. Since forming a partnership with Warner Brothers a little over a year ago, the move to cement the relationship was a long time in the making,

According to the press release found on DC’s website,“This strategic business realignment allows us to fully integrate and expand the DC brand in feature films as well as across multiple distribution platforms of Warner Bros. and Time Warner…We are creating a seamless, cohesive unit that will bring even more great characters and content to consumers everywhere.”

The move will open the door for production to begin on various long awaited DC film properties including Man of Steel, Wonder Woman and The Flash. Many expected grander, faster changes on the DC theatrical front in the wake of DCE’s formation. So far the only DC film in production, since the change over is The Green Lantern. The expectation is that by the completion of the relocation we will have announcements for the rest of DCE’s upcoming film and television properties.

The relocation is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011. Do you feel that this move will benefit DCE’s multimedia production or is it unnecessary for the company? What DC comic properties are you hoping get announced as possible candidates for a big screen transformation?