Mastodon ‘Independence Day’ Meets ‘Fast & Furious’ In A New Trailer For ‘Skyline’

‘Independence Day’ Meets ‘Fast & Furious’ In A New Trailer For ‘Skyline’

There are plenty of bad films being made today. Some are original, some are remakes or “reboots”. Some put it’s script forward as the strong point, and some rely on the acting. The newest trailer for November’s Skyline proves that this film is none of the above. Expect to get nothing but purely astounding visual effects from this film.

Directed by visual effect pros Colin and Greg Strause and written by visual effect pros Joshua Cordes and Liam o’Donnell, the film will obviously be very heavy on the CG effects. It’s one thing when a film is poised to be astounding in writing or acting, but anyone who has seen a trailer for Skyline knows to expect a 90 minute science fiction thrill ride.

The premise is about strange lights descending on L.A., drawing people in before sucking them up into the sky. All the while, gigantic ships, creatures, and robots threaten to destroy the Earth as we know it.

The teaser that hit about a month ago only gave us a taste, but this newer trailer is sure to envelope us in the world of Skyline and all of it’s CG science fiction glory. Check out the new trailer after the jump, and be sure to catch the flick in theaters on November 12th.

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