This Is Krypton! Zack Snyder Directing 'Superman' Reboot

This Is Krypton! Zack Snyder Directing ‘Superman’ Reboot

Well Superman fans, the search for the person to take on directing the Christoper Nolan produced Superman reboot is at an end. Of course, as you can tell from the headline for this post, that director will be none other than Zack Snyder.

In case you’re not aware for some reason, Snyder has quite the track record with comic to film adaptations having both 300 and Watchmen under his belt so far. Because of this and his long relationship with Warner Bros., he was on a short list of directors reportedly in consideration for the gig. Others on that list included Tony Scott, Matt Reeves, Jonathan Liebesman, and Duncan Jones. However, Snyder got the nod and is as you would imagine, pretty excited about it.

“I’ve been a big fan of the character for a long time, he’s definitely the king of all superheroes, he’s the one,” said Snyder about the decision. “It’s early yet, but I can tell you that what David and Chris have done with the story so far definitely has given me a great insight into a way to make him feel modern. I’ve always felt he was kind of awesome. I’ll finish Sucker Punch and get right at it.”

I’m sure some will argue that Snyder isn’t the right choice for a Superman film but I’m a fan so I feel he will do an excellent job. He’s capable of bringing amazing visuals to the screen and knows his way around action. Plus, he’s also good with actors — traits a Superman director must have.

Now that Snyder is on board the real fun can begin like who will play the Man of Steel, Lois Lane and what the story will be. What do you guys think? Who should be Superman in the new film?