Kevin Smith Taking His Show On The Road...To Vegas!

Kevin Smith Taking His Show On The Road…To Vegas!

Kevin Smith may be in between major cult films at the moment, getting ready for his upcoming Jersey-set horror film Red State, but in the meantime, he’s been quite busy keeping his legions of fans happy with live performances.

In the last few months, Smith has created and built the popularity of LA’s SmodCastle, a small theater which is rent out to podcasters and his celeb friends for them to do small, intimate shows for the most die hard of fans.

Smith doesn’t have “small theater” in immediate future, though, as he’s just been booked at The Palms Las Vegas. Here’s the full scoop.

On the Novemeber 12th, after 9 years in holding funny guys “Jay & Slient Bob Strike Back” with a night full of fun and laughter in Las Vegas.  Funny man Kevin Smith is joined by longstanding partner Jason Mewes for a exuberant night of comedic laughter as they take a trip back to “View Askewniverse”.

On November 13th, get up-close and personal with one of Hollywood’s most gifted and hilarious filmmakers. See the raunchy, offensive, and convivial Kevin Smith for a Q&A that is sure to have you falling out your seat.

Tickets haven’t gone on sale through Ticketmaster just yet, but they will soon. In the meantime, check in at Smith’s View Askew site as more dates and events get announced.