Will Tom Hardy Be The Villain In Nolan’s Third Batman Film?

Ever since The Dark Knight was released, rumors have been circulating about the cast of the unnamed Batman 3 project. From Johnny Depp as The Riddler to Phillip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin, fanboys and film lovers alike have been speculating endlessly about who would take up the mantle as Nolan’s next villian, especially after Heath Ledger’s fantastic performance as The Joker.

While nothing’s confirmed yet and Batman 3 is still very much in the preliminary stages, Ain’t It Cool News has reported that Tom Hardy will play a “lead role” in the next chapter of Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

This news is pretty plausible, because Nolan is known for working with the same cast members over and over again. Hardy is no stranger to Nolan’s films, having played the part of Eames in this summer’s sci-fi thriller Inception. While it’s a little soon to speculate, many are hoping that Hardy has been cast to play Edward Nigma, aka The Riddler, but at this point he really could be playing any part, villain or hero.

You can be sure that if this and any other rumors for Batman 3 are confirmed, you’ll hear about it right here  because we’re honestly just as excited for this movie as you are.

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