New ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ Red Band Trailer Arrives

New ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ Red Band Trailer Arrives

After some time sitting on a shelf somewhere (It premiered at Sundance in 2009) the film I Love You Phillip Morris is finally seeing the light of day thanks to a release from the folks at Roadside Attractions. From the creative team of Glenn Ficara and John Requa, who’s previous work Bad Santa is a subversive comedic favorite around here, comes this new film featuring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as prisoners in love.

This new trailer has a little fun with the Christmas season release of the film but tends to tone down the gay storyline in favor of highlighting the comedic elements. And comedy we do get as in this film looks pretty funny.

In the film Carrey plays a man who after a series of failed relationships realizes he’s gay. He then goes on a crime spree to fund his new lavish lifestyle, gets caught and is sent to prison. While in the slammer he meets Phillip Morris (McGregor), falls in love, breaks out of jail and then tries to break out his partner.

Check out the trailer below but keep in mind it is probably NSFW. I Love You Phillip Morris opens in limited release on December 3.

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