Crispin Glover's George McFly Screen Tests Revealed

Crispin Glover’s George McFly Screen Tests Revealed

Remember when we brought you video of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly in the never before seen footage from his short lived stint in Back to the Future? Well. we’ve got more interesting tidbits from that film to share with you now.

This time it’s not Marty McFly, but rather¬† his father George, we’re concerned with. In the film George is played by the talented Crispin Glover and seeing the movie once it was released and subsiquently, there seems no other actor better suited for the part.

Of course, that wasn’t always the case and, like many other actors, Glover had to audition for the role and screen test to prove he could handle the complex nature of George McFly both young and old. In these two videos, we can see Glover working on his characterization of George McFly along with co-stars Lea Thompson and Thomas F. Wilson and an unknown actor playing Marty.

The footage is not of the best quality but it does give us a peek into how actors do what they do and also demonstrates that Glover is an extremely talented guy who should get more work.

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