The Flickcast’s ‘On The Radar’ – Halloween Edition!

The Flickcast’s ‘On The Radar’ – Halloween Edition!

In celebration of our favorite holiday that can combine the undead with the scantily clad, we bring you this week’s Halloween happenings on the web. Enjoy and be sure to have a very spooky Halloween!

• Need help picking you favorite scary flick to watch this weekend? What if they were inked into the arms and legs of these fine folks?

• What would this holiday be without Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and yes….more Pumpkins?

Need an excuse to walk with a limp and wear old clothes? No better time like Halloween!

• If you live in one of these towns, your city may just be overrun by The Walking Dead this weekend. So carry a shovel.

Walking Dead aside, if you don’t watch at least one of these Zombie flicks over the weekend, the holiday will all be for naught.

• While trolling door to door this Sunday to look for candy, keep an eye out for these, the worst named candies ever made.

• Probably the best list we’ve found for you: The sexiest monsters in horror movie history.

• And without further delay, here it is: The Greatest Halloween Costume Idea Ever.

• Want to dress as “The Dude” for this Halloween but need just the right costume? This store has you covered.

• Even wished for a video highlighting the 100 Greatest Horror Movie Quotes of All Time? Your wish is granted.

• Ever wonder what happened to that white iPhone 4 you were waiting for? Well, this video may explain it.