Martin Sheen Playing Uncle Ben in ‘Spider-Man’, Sally Field In Talks For Aunt May

Well this is an interesting turn of events. With Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man prequel/reboot, things are getting a bit wacky with the casting. We’ve got The Social Network‘s Andrew Garfield taking on the lead, with Emma Stone as Mary Jane and Rhys Ifans as the unnamed villain.

Now the wackiness begins, as Heat Vision is reporting that Martin Sheen, yes the former president of the United States (Art least on TV), has been cast to play Peter Parker’s soon-to-be deceased Uncle Ben.

Kind of a bit part for the man who’s credits include films like Apocalypse Now, Wall Street, and The Departed. This could drastically change the credibility of the film from a “cute indie reboot” to potentially something much bigger.

And if that news isn’t enough to get your interest, Sally Field is currently in talks with Webb and the folks at Sony to play Peter Parker’s frail Aunt May. If Sheen and Field both make it into this movie, you can say goodbye to any of that Indie feel that was originally attached.

That’s right, Aunt May could just be portrayed by The Flying Nun herself. Commence humorous photoshopping now. Spider-Man is expected to start shooting next month, with a July 3rd release date.

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