Steve Pink To Direct & Co-Write A ‘Toxic Avenger’ Reboot

Steve Pink To Direct & Co-Write A ‘Toxic Avenger’ Reboot

Just when you thought a Superman and Spider-Man reboot would be enough for the world of superhero films, you’ve got to think again. Everybody’s favorite Jersey crusader is getting another chance at the limelight, as Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink is getting a shot at the reboot. From Deadline.

“The Toxic Avenger is exactly what the country–wait, that’s not big enough–what the world needs right now,” said Pink, who also directed Accepted and whose scripting credits include Grosse Pointe Blank and High Fidelity. Kerry Foster, who runs Goldsman’s Weed Road, is executive producer with Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, the Troma proprietors who created Toxic Avenger.

While this could be great news for fans of Pinks past work on Hot Tub, High Fidelity, and Grosse Point Blank, the sad news is that the rights of Toxie no longer fall to Lloyd Kaufman and the gang at Troma Films.

Back in April, super producers Akiva Goldsman, Richard Saperstein and Charlie Corwin all obtained the remake rights to Toxic Avenger, which include all 4 films and the animated series. While that may mean you’ll never see a resurgence in The Toxic Avenger Musical, this remake could prove to be entertaining.

So now that news of Pink’s remake has been confirmed, it begs the question on who could play the titular freak of superhuman strength. Could Pink go with a regular and cast Hot Tub’s Clark Duke? Or will he take the Spider-Man reboot’s route and go with a relative unknown? We’ll be sure to bring you the next as it comes through.