Things Get Punchy In A New Trailer For ‘Ip Man 2′

Things Get Punchy In A New Trailer For ‘Ip Man 2′

While we may still be getting films like Warrior’s Way here in the states, there are still plenty of mind-blowing martial arts films being made across the world. One of those films is the first in the Ip Man franchise. Now that list may get slightly larger as the first trailer for Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster has arrived. From the official press release.

After escaping the Japanese occupation of his hometown of Foshan, China, Ip Man and his family have arrived in Hong Kong, which is living under the iron fist of British colonial rule.

Ip wants to support his family by opening up a martial arts academy to teach his unique Wing Chun style. But a corrupt cabal of Hong Kong martial arts masters, led by Hung Chun-nam (the legendary Sammo Hung), refuses to allow Ip to teach until he proves himself – and prove himself he does, in an intense series of fights against the masters showcasing a dazzling variety of martial arts styles, culminating in a highly anticipated brawl between Ip and Hung atop a rickety table.

But even after gaining the respect of the masters, Ip’s troubles are far from over. Hong Kong under British rule is a world of corruption, and when a Western-style boxer named Taylor “Twister” Milos comes to town to entertain the British upper-class, and insults both Chinese martial arts and the native citizens in a horrifically violent way, Ip must step up and fight for the honor of both his kung fu and the Chinese people.

Yes, the film has been seen in many parts of the world by now, but we’re getting the original, un-dubbed international version that was released in Asia, and it’s hitting major theaters in both the US and Canada on January 28th. Check out the first full teaser trailer after the jump.