First Poster for ‘Thor’ Arrives

First Poster for ‘Thor’ Arrives

We’ve had some pics, some footage, a video game and now with the Marvel/Disney marketing machine ramping up even more, we’ve got the first poster for the upcoming Thor film to share with you today. The film is, as you probably know, being directed by Kenneth Branagh and features Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder.

With this new poster we get a good look at Hemsworth as Thor as well as something I’m sure fans are thrilled about: Thor’s mighty hammer Mjohnir. Gotta say I like the look of this poster and Hemsworth strikes an impressive pose as the title character. Kudos to the marketing department for this one. It’s simple yet gets the job done.

As the items have arrived giving us a better look at the film and what’s going to be in it we’ve become more excited about it. At first, I’ll admit, we were a bit skeptical but each successive bit of information has made the film look better and better.

Check out a larger version of the new poster after the break. Thor hits theaters on May 6th, 2011.

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