Box Office: A Very 'Focker' Christmas

Box Office: A Very ‘Focker’ Christmas

It seems like even the terrible reviews couldn’t keep families away from seeing the third (and hopefully final) film in the Meet The Parents trilogy. Even our own Nat Almirall gave it a pretty scathing review, but that wouldn’t stop legions of families to pile into theaters over the weekend.

The movie pulled in just over $34 million over the weekend, adding up to $48.3 million since it opened last Wednesday. This is the fourth biggest Christmas Day opening in recent history, behind last year’s epic holiday weekend of both Sherlock Holmes and Avatar, and this film’s predecessor, Meet the Fockers.

Aside from the number 1 spot, True Grit pulled in $25.6 million this weekend, topping it off at $36.8 milion since it’s opening last Wednesday. Word is that this film could be up there as a major Oscar contender, so expect there to be a resurgence in interest after this weekend.

Tron: Legacy grabs the third spot, still holding strong with $20 million, adding up to roughly $88 million since it’s December 17th opening. Chronicles of Narnia still proves to be a monster overseas, pulling in over $128 million internationally and upwards of $200 million worldwide.

And finally, a little bit of Box Office justice, as Jack Black’s Gulliver’s Travels crept in at 7th place with a whopping $7.2 million. This is a bit unfair to judge, as Fox had the genius idea to release the film on Christmas Day, which was a Saturday, only giving it 36 hours to catch up to films that opened on Friday or even Wednesday. Way to go, Fox.

Next weekend is quiet, as nothing opens on New Year’s Eve, but the following weekend, we’re kicking things off with a Nic Cage-sized bang as Season of the Witch is the first major theatrical release of 2011.