More Previews for NBC’s ‘The Cape’ Arrive

More Previews for NBC’s ‘The Cape’ Arrive

The more we see of NBC’s upcoming new superhero show The Cape the more we hope it ends up being as good as it looks. The show seems to have a great deal of potential so let’s hope it lives up to it.

Plus, any show with Keith David, Vinnie Jones and Summer Glau at least deserves a chance. That’s a pretty cool cast. Not only that, but the main good guy (aka “The Cape” played by David Lyons) doesn’t seem so bad either. So, to help kicks things off and keep people interested, we’ve got some more video from the show to share with you today.

This time it’s three scenes from the premiere episode itself. In them we see Vince’s training in how to use his cape, the first time The Cape meets Summer Glau’s Orwell and the moment where the superhero first reveals his name. Oh, and did I mention Summer Glau is in this show? Yeah, we’re happy about that too.

Check out all three scenes after the break. The Cape arrives this Sunday night on NBC.

Cape Training
Max drills Vince on how to harness the power of the cape.

The Cape Meets Orwell
The Cape discovers he’s not the only crime fighter in Palm City.

Chance Encounter
Stopping crime in its tracks is an everyday encounter for The Cape.