'Monsters' Director Takes On 'Godzilla'

‘Monsters’ Director Takes On ‘Godzilla’

If you’ve been doing this as long as I have you often see people get work they don’t seem to deserve based on their experience or track record of previous films. In fact, it often seems like people getting directing gigs in Hollywood really have no business directing traffic let alone a big budget studio feature.

But sometimes Hollywood makes the right decision and a person gets a job they are perfectly suited for and will no doubt handle with consummate skill. Case in point is the news today that Monsters writer/director Gareth Edwards has been chosen to take on a new Godzilla incarnation for Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros.

According to the report, the deal is about to close with Edwards directing the film and working with a writer to be named later who will re-write the original scrip by David Callaham. No word yet on what the new Godzilla will contain story-wise but you can be sure story and character will play a large part in the new film, that is if Edward’s previous work is any indication.

You may be able to tell that I’m a fan of Edwards film Monsters, having seen its premiere at SXSW last year and writing one of the first reviews. With the talent and skill he displayed in that film, I have no doubt Godzilla is in very capable hands. Needless to say I will be following this one very closely as it develops.