Apple's App Store Hits 10 Billion Downloads

Apple’s App Store Hits 10 Billion Downloads

When word first surfaced of an App store for iOS devices, some people were probably skeptical about its potential for success. Those same people now have to concede that the store has become not just a success but an unqualified juggernaut for Apple.

Now, just over a week since Apple posted their 10 billion App Store download counter, they’ve hit that milestone and sold and/or delivered 10 billion apps to customers. Yes, that’s a lot of apps — not to mention a lot of money.

With the immense popularity of the iPad, the iPhone and its impending release for Verizon, we can only imagine that it won’t take nearly as long to reach the 20 billion mark. Apple plans to release the identity of the person who downloaded the 10 billionth app within a few days.

I wonder if it was me? That could be interesting to say the least.